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Our glü mat is made of eco PVC material with high density and durability with 16 types of phthalate free, highest in the industry. It is also phthalate and latex free, non toxic.

care instructions

You have to break your mat to fully enjoy your glü mat. It takes about 3 months of daily practice for the thin film to wear off.
Glü mat can be cleaned with 50/50 mixture of water and organic apple cider vinegar. Please DO NOT put glü mat in the washing machine and DO NOT expose the mat in sunlight, as it will encourage the material to biodegrade.
To clean glü mat, lightly scrub the mat with a soft brush, cloth or sponge using a gentle household cleaner or specially formulated mat wash.
If you want a more tacky feeling, leave glü mat out in the sun or sprinkle sea salt on the top surface of the mat, dampen with a cloth, and scrub it with a stiff scrub brush once before use.

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Introducing our all new, glü mat original with ü’s original blue and yellow colour. Practice your Asanas with our non-slip and durable yoga mat with simple and happy design from ü.



Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 182 x 60 x 0.5 cm

182cm long, 60cm wide and 0.5 cm thick


2.5 kg

made from

eco PVC material

made in


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