Online Iyengar Yoga Class

In our effort to minimise the spreading of Coronavirus in Jakarta, we decided that the best thing for now is to offer a live online classes through Classes will be given in real-time by your teacher. This allow us to connect, although we are physically separated. 

Before Joining the Class

1. Book your spot through our website beforehand at the link below or Whatsapp Mrs. Marhamah (space is limited to maximum of 20 people per class)
2. Prepare a comfortable and quiet spot for your practice in your home.
3. Props that you will need:  mat, 1- 2 blocks, 1-2 belts, 3-4 blankets
4. Prepare a device with stable internet connection and front facing camera (Laptop, Handphone, iPad, Tablet, PC, etc)
5. application in your chosen device
6. To understand how to use the application you can watch this online tutorial before the class. 
7. Once you do all the steps above, we will send you the class link 30 minutes before the class

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